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Brooklyn Brewhouse @ 229 Duffield St

229 Duffield St
11201 Brooklyn , NY
United States
(718) 254-7813
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Somewhat well-stocked.
Downtown Brooklyn
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American (New)

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Mozzarella sticks & a glass of Chardonnay; bloated

Though I wouldn't personally recommend coming here, as I had my bank information compromised during my visit, I did have a great time. Even if my $55 tab turned into a $500 shopping spree at Toys-R-Us. Thanks, Sandy from fraud services, but alas.

The place is a lot bigger than it looks, with tons of space on the ground floor and yet another bar on the upper level, which is perfect for the kind of private party I was attending. There were slick little couches to lounge about on and large flat screens to drown yourself in.

I can only speak for the bathroom on this upper level, which is literally two steps away from the bar. It's a unisex, single toilet, with space enough to do dirty deeds, but did I mention how close it is to the bar? Everyone will see you going in and there will be no question about who dropped the stinky bomb if you decide to leave one.

While I definitely won't be coming here again, I can understand the appeal. Refrain from opening tabs. Just use cash through the night and you should enjoy yourself.
slackerology Female, 31 years old.
Brooklyn, New York
On March 12, 2014, 7:56 pm
What I Did in Here: Tinkled and may have peed on my shoe a little, what the hell.