Michael Li

144 North 8th Street, Apartment #6C ¨ Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mobile:  (301) 980-9511
Email: me@michaelli.com


I’m basically a technology addict that loves the internet. I love elegant solutions, and my programming style reflects a mathematical leaning. While I have traditionally focused on backend web development, I feel extremely comfortable navigating my way around the stack. I’m a US Citizen, and also an active domain name (e-real-estate) investor owning brands such as Unsweetened.com and Grubby.com.

02/2014 – Present

New York, NY

MLB (Major League Baseball): Drupal/PHP & J2EE Application Architect
In-house Drupal counsel for what is arguably the most iconic American institution in the world. My team is building MLB's next generation player management system.

10/2012 – 02/2014

New York, NY

Sony DADC & Sony Music Entertainment: Technical Lead, Client Solutions

My team built the custom core Drupal technology platform that powers Sony Music Entertainment’s entire Drupal portfolio, and tailored the core to fulfill the extremely specific needs of individual clients. Projects: MichaelJackson.com, WhitneyHouston.com, SonyMusic.de (Austria, Switzerland, Germany), RobertoCarlos.com, KeshasParty.com, OllyMurs.com, SonyMusicNashville.com, Maffay.de, Andrea-Berg.de, and countless others. I also co-created the Generator "persistent player" - highly sophisticated custom Sony technology that provides an AJAX framework for powering seamless single-page web applications. As a reward for my work on the player, Sony paid me to attend DrupalCon Portland 2013.

01/2012 – 10/2012

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

NBC Universal: Sr. Application Architect

My team was responsible for managing, developing, and deploying the entire media and content lifecycle of the next generation of CNBC.com. We replaced CNBC’s outmoded and highly susceptible 10-year old ASP.NET application with a custom PHP/Zend/Drupal/WordPress/MySQL LAMP stack, the greatest technical undertaking in the company’s history. Projects: root-level header/footer Components, real-time stock quotes, RSS feeds, news feed syndication web services API, and keyword manager. I left CNBC in 2012 after I got married and became a property owner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and my one-way commute to Englewood Cliffs exceeded 1.5 hours.

03/2011 – 01/2012

New York, NY

Alexander Interactive: Software Engineer

Played a role in developing the largest Magento Commerce website in the world to date at the time: Adorama.com, one of the largest e-commerce camera websites in the world, with over $200MM in annual revenue and 1MM unique monthly visitors.

02/2011 – 03/2012

New York, NY

Mojiva/Moceanmobile Inc: Junior Software Developer & Technical Support Lead

Developed various company internal tools and software packages with the CakePHP MVC framework and PHP programming language. I became a certified Apple Developer with the entire portfolio of Moceanmobile company app products registered under my personal developer license.

12/2007 – 06/2008

New York, NY


NextJump Inc: Junior Software Engineer

I delayed graduation from Columbia University for a year in order to seek employment as a professional software engineer at the height of the housing bubble prior to the financial meltdown of 2008. I graduated from Columbia University with a Computer Science degree in May 2009.

05/2007 – 08/2007

New York, NY

JPMorgan-Chase Investment Bank, Risk Management: Technology Analyst Intern

Augmented existing financial back-end software system with Perl and developed full-system testing analytical software with Compuware’s “Test Partner” Visual Basic-like interface.

01/2007 – 05/2007

New York, NY

Chalkstream Capital: Junior Financial Engineer
In college, I thought that working at a hedge fund while I took courses as a fulltime student was a good idea. At Chalkstream, I wrote my very first .NET application for tracking industry-relevant news articles via RSS feeds. I got the job by performing a card illusion for the CEO and senior staff on my first day.


B.S., Computer Science; Columbia University: School of Engineering & Applied Science

Class of 2009, C. Prescott Davis Scholar: 2004-2009 (Top 1% of Class, Full Merit Scholarship)

SAT I: 1570 (800 M, 770V); SAT II Math IIC: 790; Math IC: 770; Writing: 750


Central Intelligence Agency Outstanding Scientist Award

United States Army Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) Qualifier: Top 5% in Nation, Certificate of Distinction

Columbia University School of Engineering & Applied Science Dean’s List


[code] OO PHP 5, Java (J2EE), Perl, C, C++, VB.NET [front] Standards (XHTML/HTML5/CSS/JS), jQuery, AJAX, Templating (Smarty/YAML/TWIG) [frameworks] Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Kohana [cms] Drupal 6/7, WordPress, Magento, Expression Engine Integration with Drupal, Joomla , eZPublish [services] REST/SOAP, Facebook Integration [performance] Caching (Memcached/Varnish/APC), Profiling, Apache Solr, Mobile Web [OS] Unix, Linux (Ubuntu), Windows, Putty [version control] git, github, mercurial, subversion [project management] JIRA, At-task, Redmine


Available upon request.